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    In order to qualify for the Testimonium Peregrinationis ad Limina Petri (certificate of pilgrimage) – similar to the “Compostela” for those who have walked, cycled or ridden to Santiago – you must be in possession of a credential (pilgrim passport), have had it stamped each day.

    To receive a Testimonium, pilgrims must have walked the last 140kms starting preferably from Acquapendente and passing through Bolsena, Montefiascone, Viterbo,Vertralla, Sutri, La Storta to Rome.

    Those who cycle should have covered at least 400kms eg starting at Lucca.

    In 2014 there were two places where the Testimonium could be obtained but the provision of testimoniums is not yet done in the well organised way that compostelas are issued in Santiago so this may change without notice:

    1] Uffici della Canonica di San Pietro in the Vatican City. This is open on Mon–Tues, Thurs–Sat, 9.30am–12.30pm. To get there go first to the Piazza del Sant’ Uffizio on the opposite side of the Piazza di San Pietro from the one where you entered and go through the Ingresso del Petriano (entrance), where the Swiss guards on duty will ask you what you want and direct you to the police booth next to it to scan any bags you have with you. You will then be directed to an office on the right, where your details will be recorded, your passport handed over and a visitor’s badge given to you before you are directed to the Palazzo della Canonica (now to your left). Be prepared for some of the officials, guards or policemen on duty not to be familiar with the Testimonium, so a certain level of Italian is useful.

    Once inside you will be invited to sit down at a table and write any comments/reflections you may wish in the pilgrim book, and then be asked to fill in the details of yourself, your journey and the reason(s) for undertaking the pilgrimage in the Via Francigena ledger. In the meantime the official will take your credential, stamp it for the last time and issue you with your parchment Testimonium. (As you leave do not forget to return the visitor’s badge to the security office and collect your passport.)

    The office is also closed on Vatican days of holidays (e.g. St Peter's day 29th June and of special Papal Ceremonies which are widely advertised).

    2) Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, Piazza Pio XII no9, just off the Piazza di San Pietro, is an organization that arranges group pilgrimages. They are open Mon–Fri 9am–6pm, Sat–Sun 9am–4pm (06.69896384), and on presentation of your stamped credential will provide you with a certificate of pilgrimage. The names of the recipients are not recorded

    If you are unable to obtain the Testimonium before you leave Rome (eg pre-booked travel) you may request it by post.
    Send your request to Fabbrica di San Pietro, 00120 Città del Vaticano and enclosing:
    1) photocopy of Identity card or passport
    2) photocopy of Credential with all stamps
    3) your full address
    4) date of birth
    5) starting place of your pilgrimage
    6) starting date and arrival date
    7) did you walk or cycle
    8) your motivation: faith?, culture? something else?
    9) what organisations assisted you before or during your pilgrimage (such as CPR or AIVF)
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    Thank you so much for the information on the Testimonium.
    Can you tell me where can I obtain the Pilgrim Passport for the VF?
    Again, many thanks.
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    The viefrancigene.org website has a list of places where you can obtain a Credenziale in Switzerland and Italy. If you plan to walk from Canterbury it is also possible to get one from the Cathedral information office there.
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    I downloaded a credential from the viefrancigene site and while it isn't as nice looking as the booklet passport, I am happy to have a few sheets of timbros (stamps), in various colored inks, that I can frame as a memento of my pilgrimage.

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