Travel money advice


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This may sound like a daft question, but does anyone have advice on the best way take travel money. I was considering a pre-loaded credit card, but I am not sure that everywhere along the Canterbury to Rome route will accept cards. Is it safe or advisable to carry just cash?


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A loaded travel debit card will always allow you to withdraw from automatic teller machines . I have used them throughout Spain ,France and Italy without trouble . That said I only ever do so at major banks and always during opening hours ;in case the machine wants a snack !
I usually withdraw about € 300 , the max allowed at most , this way you minimise the fees you pay to use the machine each time .


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As a British-Italian who has spent many years travelling through Italy, it's worth noting that cash is generally preferred to cards especially in respect of small, towns/countryside establishments. I don't know if you are UK based, but Barclays Bank currently do a Platinum credit card that allows you to withdraw cash from European ATM's without charge. The alternative, of course, it to get something like a Fair FX pre-loaded card which charges, I think, £1.50 for ATM withdrawals. I would be wary of taking just a large wad of cash simply for security reasons.