Two first stages from Grand Saint Bernard pass


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Hello to you all,
I am planning a departure from Saint Bernard towards Sarzana (i already walked Sarzana Roma) at the beginning of September 2019.
I booked a room in Aosta and plan to walk all the stages between Saint Bernard and Ivrea during one week. I'll use public transports (train and/or buses) to go to the beginning of the stage and return to my lodging.

I am completely lost as far as information regarding the way to reach Saint Bernard Pass on the first day. Information regarding buses is not clear. I wish to drive from Aosta to Etroubles or Echevennoz, park the car and take a bus to the pass. Walk down my first stage and drive back to my lodging. The following day, take a bus to Etroubles or Echevennoz and walk down to Aosta. Regarding other stages, there is no problem of transportation, everything seems to be clear.

Could someone tell me whether a swiss operated bus bound to Martigny will accept to take two people in Etroubles and drive them to the pass ? Where to get accurate information ? I have asked Tourist information in Aosta who replied that there is a bus to the pass from Aosta at 9.00 in the morning. Swiss write that it is 10.00...

Please help me to sort this problem out otherwise i will skip the pass and start from Aosta.

Merci beaucoup !
There are two bus companies that operate that route. TMR go from Martigny to Aosta. Savda go the other way.

Here is an (old) timetable for Aosta to Martigny You can contact them

And below are the timetables I picked up from the Tourist office in Martigny this year. They will respond to an email. Buses only operate on certain days so best check before you go.

Edited for more information:

If you check Rome2Rio it shows a 211 bus leaving Aosta at 10:00 operated by Postbus

If you check Postbus, it shows even more options - first starts at 9:00. Looks like there is a direct one going up the pass, and an indirect one which goes through the tunnel and you have to double back from Bourg-St-Bernard.

=&loc[destination][name]=Le+Grand-St-Bernard,+Hospice&loc[destination][code]=&via[name]=&via[code]=&tm[time][date]=08/09/2019&tm[time][time]=06:52&tm[mode]=0&vh[all]=all&vh[302]=302&vh[16]=16&vh[64]=64&vh[128]=128&vh[128_duplicated]=128&vh[512]=512[/URL] )

But as both sites show Postbus, best to contact them and confirm. The Rome2Rio site is not always accurate as I found out in the middle of France.


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Hi I have been back two weeks now .The bus from SBP is 10.30 in the morningand goes to Etrouble so must be one from there up to SNP The Hostels at SBP have the timetable on the wall of all the busses that may help if you ring them .It would be a shame if you didn’t walk from the top down it is breathtaking in places as you walk along .Chrisy

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Hello @eze and welcome. You must do what is best for you. I would just add a further suggestion to the above. My own experience would be that if you are going to start at GSB, it would be a shame not to go back (north) to the next bus stop, Bourg St Bernard, which is where the tunnel begins. The bus in the summer doesn't come through the tunnel, it goes on the road. You can easily walk back then (up and south) to GSB to start your walk down on the Italian side. It is only 6.5km and 600m gain - most of the climb has already been done at that point. It is a pleasant walk on the footpath, and a shame to miss if it you have got that far. The bus you collect at the hospice (during the summer) will drop you at Bourg St Bernard.
See my own notes here: