Walking partner - July 2018, Massa-Rome

Dear Pilgrims, I am planning to walk the Massa - Rome path in July 2018. I am Hungarian, 42, I can speak English, French and some Spanish. Looking for a nice and calm female company :) Cheers, Katalin


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wish you a lovely camino, katalin!

I wish I could join you, but would need a sponsor for that. will you be writing a blog of some sort?
Hi Catalin,
I'll be on the VF this Summer but probably only reaching Massa beg. of August. You'll be far ahead. Enjoy!
Hi all,
I'm Mayte, 42yrs, Spanish, also speak Italian and English. Planning to start about last week of July for the Tuscany path, which dates are you starting, Katalin? @Krisztina, are you planning to walk the whole path up to Rome? Thanks!