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Travelling with EasyJet from Birmingham to Geneva starting Via Francigena at San Gran Bernardo. Has anyone had difficulty taking extendable walking poles in their cabin luggage? Is it permissible? I am having conflicting information at different levels. Hope someone can help. Are there many out there starting their Via Francigena on 9th August? Thierre
Thank you - I was informed by an EasyJet agent after a long conversation that as walking poles are recreational and not essential then I could not take them in hand luggage. I didn’t explore hold luggage. Having read several blogs where poles folded inside a rucksack seem not to have a problem world wide, I guess I shall see what happens. I respect these rules are necessary for our safety but when the rules are a little unclear then maybe common sense steps in. If all else fails then I shall purchase in Geneva. I shall let you all know how I get on. Thierre
taking walking poles into hold luggage (even folded and in a bakcpack) seems to be less and less desirable by at least the budget airlines (there were several discussions on this topic on the camino de santiago forum and the same topic pops up every few months). but it's true that people that ask mostly fly with ryanair. it would be nice to have info about another budget airline.
Thank you Caminka - my poles are the 3 way folding poles therefore an airline should not have the knowledge that I am carrying them! It is a matter for security and how they view them which seems unclear!


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I have taken my poles with me on many overseas trips ... however they are always in checked luggage - either rucksack or suitcase

As far as I understand they are not allowed in carry on baggage, even though on some occasions people have carried them, and ‘got away with it’ ... others haven’t and have had to check them in... at high cost !!

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Thank you Caminka - my poles are the 3 way folding poles therefore an airline should not have the knowledge that I am carrying them! It is a matter for security and how they view them which seems unclear!
If you are able to stuff your poles into your hand luggage the flight attendants never ask questions.
The real problem is the security control!
Yeah! I carry my Leki Micro Trail Pro walking poles in all my business travels (doing nordic walking at dawn in big cities is exciting) and I have a certain experience about how the security staff of different airport deal with them. In all the European airportrs where I questioned, security staff answered that you are not allowed to carry poles into cabin, even if they are well packed. Full stop.
In most of the airports there are notices like this:
Not allowed
Sharp or pointed items must not be carried in hand baggage and will be confiscated at security control.
This includes knives, razor blades, cutlery, tools, hiking poles,
hypodermic needles (unless medical necessity can be proved),
catapults, corkscrews, toy or replica guns, sporting bats or cues and darts.​

In hold baggage the poles have been no problem at all, NEVER.
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I always take my poles from home with me as I like them, wouldn't want to buy them locally. I always send them as checked luggage - i pop them into a cylindric posting package from the post office (my poles fit perfectly in one of those) and collect them at my destination. They sometimes arrive at a separate belt at the airport, but i never had problem finding them at the other end (I just ask any airport person, they seem to know). I discard the pack and just do the same when I return. I'm Australian and have done this entering Spain, Portugal, France and Italy - never had a problem. I have asked airlines before, and they definitely would not allow them in carry-on luggage.
Same, I always take my poles but they are taken apart and packed in my checked-in rucksack. Never had a problem, flying in Europe and Israel.
They would not be allowed on the aircraft (Easyjet from London) and certainly NEVER from Santiago de Compostela.
Thank you all for your interest in taking walking Poles as hand luggage on an EasyJet flight. I took the gamble and brought my Z Poles (folding 3 times) in my rucksack as cabin luggage - no questions asked! It is nevertheless confusing as 'Help support' say no to all poles. Flew from B'ham to Geneva.