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I am walking from Lausanne to Rome and starting out on the 1st September.2 years ago I walked the Camino France's from France to Santiago and I'm really looking forward to this walk
The reason I'm walking is to raise funds for Motor Neurones research as my brother died from this terrible disease 2 years ago
So if anybody has any bits of information that might be helpful feel free to post it



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Almost everyone I met walking the VF had already walked at least one of the Spanish caminos. Welcome to the postgraduate world! Difficult to know what advice/experiences to offer without specific questions. One suggestion is that you join the Facebook Via Francigena group as well as this forum. Very active with many Italian contributors. Often news updates on route conditions, accommodation and so on. Useful.
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I wrote in a few weeks ago only to realize how long this Camino is! We plan on walking it starting around 9/8/16. Our hope is to walk about 500 miles, the equivalent of our Camino Santiago, which we finished in 2013. We would like to finish in Rome.
Any suggestion as to the best starting place? I understand that September weather can be quite warm. What is October like? What would be the best book for maps/accomodations?
Do you suggest we book accomodations ahead? In the Spanish Caminos we found places as we went, though that often led to more anxiety at the end of the day.
Thank you for sharing your experience.
Beah and Dennis


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I'd suggest you look at the maps and accommodation information on the viefrancigene.org website. A lot of material you can download and print off at home. For the Italian section of the VF the A4 maps were all I needed. The route is well signposted.

It would be a good idea to phone ahead to reserve a place. Pilgrim accommodation can be a problem - long distances apart and small numbers of beds. The Year of Mercy may also increase demand. The viafrancigene site has details of ostellos along the way.

I left Aosta in late August last year and did not find the month walking to Rome too hot. This may have been acclimatisation as a heatwave earlier in France was a nightmare. I suggest you Google climate data for towns along the way for averages. Many people can and do walk successfully in late August.


B&D, I'm only planning for my VF walk which we will start in April so Bradypus' and others' advice would be more useful but... where to start? We have chosen Vercelli because it is 1) close to Milan so easy to fly into then take a short train, 2) it's 850km from Rome, just a little longer than the Camino Frances, and 3) it's the first stage described in the last volume of the Lightfoot guidebook that I bought. If you want to walk only 800km (500 miles), that's closer to a start in Mortara or Garlasco. If you only want to walk a set number of days, say 30 days, and stick to the suggested stages in the Lightfoot guide (which average 22.3km per day), then start around Fidenza (for 30 days). I'm planning to book my first night in Vercelli, then book one day ahead as I go. That's the plan at least, and my plans are always meant to change after the first step. Buen Cammino!


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Fidenza would be a good starting point. An excellent and beautiful day's walk over hills to Fornovo. Also marks the end of the seemingly infinite rice paddies of the Po valley and their pestilential insects - which I loathed :)

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If you are OK with it you could start in St Bernard or Aosta and do the VF equivalent of skipping the meseta (the Po valley) and stop in Ivrea and restart in Fidenza or Fornovo.

If you are staying in hotels rather than pilgrim accommodation you will find many of them in the Po valley shut in August as it is not a tourist are and the businesses they cater for are all shut too.