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Hi l walked last year from Lausanne to SBP arrived there 15 th July and lots of snow that night .If we had walked to day after we were told we would have been allowed.From SBP is very nice and lots of mountains.But I have to say the walk from Lausanne is also very interesting.Chrisy
Hi Mutley I'm also planning to walk the Via Francigena next Spring. I'm afraid I can't speak French either though. But trying! I'm in touch with two other ladies who are also planning to walk in the Spring, nothing set stone yet.
I'm also a Brit and have walked two Caminos Camino del Santiago and the Note and like you miss it.
Hi Pam... Thanks for making contact, I missed walking, the Camino especially, immediately I stopped. Nothing set in stone yet for me but, it is calling me to do it so it has to be done. I have nothing planned after January next year so seems like a good opportunity to do it... Mike
Hi Scot I walked Canterbury to Dover last month .Will start again on the 8th of July in Lausanne.Maybe you will be there then .Hope that there will be a few of us by then .
Hi all I need help finding out where is the nearest starting point from Geneva Airport.How far is it?how long will it take ?How do I get there ? is there a hostel there ? Where can I get this info ? Starting July 8th .Are there any pilgrims out there.Chrisy
I will be in Canterbury on May13,2019 ready to start and looking for partners who is planning to start around the same time within few days
Planning my Caminos Francigena, Italy from Lucca to Siena mid May this year, Camino de Santiago the Portugeuse Route from Lisbon to Santiago June. Hope to meet lots of people along the way and have many fun adventures. Making memories.
Me too. I will be in Lucca on May 25th can't wait !!
Buon giorno, Piero. Pozo farele una domanda? Based on Rome2rio, I can take a bus from Ponte d'Arbia to San Quirico d'Orcia on Sunday , 31 March @ 1809 hr. That seems strange that it would be available on a Sunday. Do you have knowledge of this area? BTW, i was a big fan of Lone Peak shoes (3 Caminos) but have switched to Topo Athletics. seems to be the better shoes at this moment. Grazie, Ciao.
Piero Frustascarpe
Piero Frustascarpe
San Quirico d'Orcia is a beautiful village of medieval origin and, beside the view, the food is veru good (as everywhere in Tuscany!). Last time I walked there was on October 2017. Don't be surprised about bus services on Sundays, it's quite common in Italy.
I love Topo shoes too, and I use them in my daily nordic walking walks.
Buon cammino
Graze mille. Very much looking forward to this small part of the Via.
My husband and I are walking the Via Francigena from Gran St Bernard's Pass to Rome, starting on the 24th August 2019.
We are in the process of looking at flights, and I was just wondering the best option to get to GSBP. We are flying out from Australia, and thought we would fly into Milan and take the train up to pass. The route to pass looks like you have to use the train as well as a bus?
Hi Jan, not sure if I replied to you at the time of your post, but my wife and I will step off from GSBP for Rome on the 25 Aug. We are flying from Brisbane to Bologne via Singapore and Frankfurt. We'll have a couple of days in Bologne before catching a train to Aosta. The last leg - Aosta to GSBP - will be by bus. We wish you a wonderful journey and hope that paths cross somewhere along the Way.
Hello Cullo,thank you for your reply. We might see you at GSBP, I will also be with a group of walkers, and you never know, our paths might meet. Have a wonderful trip yourself. Enjoy
Hello Piero. My wife and I are planning to walk from Gran St Bernard's Pass to Rome in Aug-Oct next year. We want to spend a few days in Bologna before catching the train to Aosta and then travelling by bus to GSBP. I understand that Swiss Post operate two bus runs per day from Aosta to GSBP but can't get any sense of the departure times (not even on their website). Do you have any sense of the departure times?
Piero Frustascarpe
Piero Frustascarpe
Hi, Cullo! I give you the link to the current timetable of the buses from Aosta to GSBP. I hope it will be valid also for next year. Better to check next year, when you will leave... Anyway, as you can see, the bus service starts on July the 1st and ends on September 3rd.
Many thanks Piero - I have spent many hours trying to obtain the detail you have provided me and even though I have sent two emails directly to SAVDA's help desk, I haven't had any success. Your assistance is therefore greatly appreciated.
2016 Camino Frances (from St Jean Pied de Port)
2018 Via Podiensis (from Le Puy en Velay)
2019 - Planning to walk from Great St Bernards Pass to Rome, commencing 25 Aug
Hello everyone,
I just finished walking the Via Francigena from Lausanne to Rome. If I can help anyone answering specific questions, I will do so. It was the best thing I ever did!!!!
How do I ask and post? On website and logged in, but see nôoption. Need info walk from Lucca or even fromSienna towards Viterbo
Walked from Porto to Santiago in 2015 with a friend, and then from Hendaye, on the French side of the border, across the Northern route, cutting south east on the Primitivo, unaccompanied but never alone, in 2017. I'm beginning my prep (long range) for a pilgrimage on the Francigena, from Lucca to Rome, in 2020. These pilgrimages work their way into the blood and bones, I think.
We have walked from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela (SdC). We are soon to embark from Lisbon to SdC then to Finisterre, Muxia and back to SdC. We were wondering where to next and came across this pilgrimage. We are excited to start our research here!!