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We have walked from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela (SdC). We are soon to embark from Lisbon to SdC then to Finisterre, Muxia and back to SdC. We were wondering where to next and came across this pilgrimage. We are excited to start our research here!!
We are now one week into our Camino Vie Francigena. Tonight we are staying at Radicofani at the Refugio Spedale Di San Pietro e Giacomo. We received a very warm welcome from the hospitarios.
One thing to be aware of is that the refuge Parrocchia SS Pietro in Buonconvento no longer accepts pilgrims. It is closed.
Hey Ed,
how are you? have not seen any recent posts. are you ok?
Ed Kay
Ed Kay
Thanks for checking up on me! Yes I'm fine thanks, in Fidenza. I will set up that post for you today, now I am beyond Piacenza :)
Ed Kay
Ed Kay
Just posted my accommodation list for you. I guess it only covers about 4 days from Piacenza for you so perhaps not all that useful. I'll be leaving Aulla probably on 9 April so will continue to post updates after that.
Hi Jessica. It was really nice meeting you yesterday at the APOC gathering. Your presentation was good and I appreciate the handout.
What is the best place to get a credential?
Would love to hear about your costs etc on the via francigena -

thanks AussieJan
Hi Jessica. I'm an American that just walked from Canterbury to Rome and was about one week behind you. I first saw your comments at the guest book at Eden Lodge in western France.

The first week on the Via Francigena was difficult for me as my mind and body were trying to adjust. Seeing your comments at Eden provided me with inspiration. Just wanted to reach out and say thank you.

Washington DC area.
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson
Mark, your words bring a lot of emotions to me. Eden was a wonderful stop for me. The VF was all that I wanted it to be. I unfortunately had to return home because of my fathers death. I was so sad to leave for many reasons. I am counting the days to return where I left off in St Croix Switzerland on May 25. Congratulations on your walk!!
Thanks for the post. I shall be walking from Home to Rome next summer. If the timing works, I can at least accompany you through Calais.
Lucca to Siena 2017. Very hot for walking, but the views were worth it. Roads very dangerous for walking . Stop at La Villa Punto Sosta
After nine or so Caminos, now planning to walk from Canterbury to Rome 2018.
When are you planning to go? I am also hoping to walk the VF in 2018.
Hi Mick...many thanks...I`ll check out the guides you mention and am also going to buy one of the books available...just working out which will be the most useful ! Thanks again...Steve.